Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder 50gram

Our organic kaffir lime leaf powder provides high concentrations of alkaloids, citronellal, limonene and nerol. It can be used medicinally to detox the body, resolve digestive issues, reduce stress, improve oral health and skin conditions.



Kaffir lime leaves are an essential ingredient in Thai cooking, but are normally not ingested due to their hard fibrous texture. Aside from their culinary benefits, they contain many beneficial organic compounds that exert a positive effect on the digestive health, oral health, skin care, and detoxification.


  • ANTIOXIDANT: Volatile compounds in the kaffir lime eliminate pathogens from the blood and support the cleansing activities of the liver and lymphatic system.
  • DIGESTION: Kaffir lime’s anti-inflammatory compounds stimulate the digestive system and help to relieve indigestion and constipation. Proper bowel regulation helps prevent more serious gastrointestinal problems such as hemorrhoids, gastric ulcers and colorectal cancer.
  • RELAXATION: The scent of kaffir lime is used in aromatherapy to sooth and calm the body and mind.
  • DENTAL: rubbed on the teeth and gums kaffir lime helps to eliminate harmful bacteria that grow in the mouth, and it freshens the breath.
  • SKIN: Kaffir lime leaf is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that damage the skin. It is used in cosmetic and topical applications to slow down the breakdown of cells and minimize age marks, scars and acne pimples. Citronellol and limonene help to repel insects and are common ingredients in topical mosquito repellants.
  • SPICE: Traditional spices are dehydrated using heat and rough grinding which results in loss of taste and aroma. The freeze dry process, which was used in preparing our organic kaffir lime leaf powder, is completely heat and friction-free. The resulting powder is not only a nutritional powerhouse but retains all the natural taste and aroma of the fresh kaffir lime leaf. It can be used in recipes that call for kaffir lime leaf, or to spice up your everyday cooking. Kaffir lime leaves add a distinct slightly sweet citrus flavor that is due to high concentrations of alkaloids, citronellal, limonene, linalool and nerol, all of which are fully preserved in this product.
  • FREEZE DRIED: The organic kaffir lime leaf is pure and freeze dried for maximum efficacy, ensuring pharmacologically active properties are protected, and the product is easily digested. It has not been subjected to any heat during the drying process or any means of mechanical grinding. The freeze dry process offers vastly superior preservation of the active constituents of the herb, offering nutritional value comparable to that of the fresh plant.

This organic product carries a full Thai FDA approval and is produced locally in Thailand to a very high Export standard.

Ailments: digestive problems, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, scars, acne, toxicity

Ingredients: organic kaffir lime leaf and nothing else

Kaffir Lime Leaf Brief


Kaffir Lime Leaf Brief (Thai)