Over the last several years, the public demand has multiplied for organically grown, non-GMO, non –synthetic nano particle foods and supplements. Public consciousness, backed by modern science, now recognizes that we simply need to get back to nature to prevent disease, illness, and lead happier lives.

We always use organically grown products. In our CPT premium Freeze Dry process we remove almost all the water from our herbs. In this process one hundred kilos of fresh product with 80% moisture level is converted to only 20 kilos of dry power. Everything good is concentrated 5x (as a percentage of total weight) which means that everything bad would also be concentrated 5x. For this reason it is critically important for us to source only organically grown raw materials. Some of these may be organically certified, some may be wild crafted, and some may be wild harvested, but all must be organically grown.

We and our partner company visit and work together with all our farmers and staff to ensure quality at every step of our production, so that we may provide herbal products with the highest nutrition, bioavailability, bioactivity and purity.



To provide the world’s most pure, potent and concentrated botanical powders

We want our customers to experience and benefit from the vast bounty of herbs and botanicals that grow here in Northern Thailand with the 5000 years of traditional wisdom that has brought herbal wellness to the prominence it enjoys today.

We strive, in every possible way, to make available the ingredients that embody this ancient wisdom while working, at the same time, to dispel the notion that herbal ingredients from Asia are of unknown quality or effectiveness.

We stand behind our quality, purity, and safety as we evolve toward the perfect balance of tradition, nature and science.



From us, you will receive the highest quality herbal powders available to assist you on your personal journey to wellness

When it comes to nutritional supplements, nothing is more important than quality.

That’s why we, at CPT Superherbs, have our products dried using Cellular Preservation Technology (CPT), using the finest ingredients sourced here, in pristine Northern Thailand. Our dedicated team assures the quality of our products all the way through the process, from the raw ingredients to the sealed package.

Good health has a direct impact on the enjoyment you get out of life. We are confident that our dedication to quality in our products will enable you to live a healthier and happier life.