Cellular Preservation Technology

Our partner company has developed a proprietary new way of producing concentrates from herbs and plants through natural disintegration – without crushing, grinding, pressure, heat or other destructive means that would otherwise destroy live enzymatic matter, nutrients and bioactivity.

This allows for dried treated plant material to maintain optimal levels of its original antioxidant and nutrient profiles in comparison to traditional tray or sun dried goods.

Tests are still being conducted as we continue with ground breaking new progress in the field. New blends and products are in development to create eye catching, delicious and easy ways to preserve wellness.

Ozone Anti Microbial Treatment

The easiest way to differentiate CPT Powders from others is just by looking at them under a microscope – our powders are physically different.

The process of natural disintegration gives our powders a porous structure, where it’s naturally fractured along the plant cell walls, whereas normal, traditional tray dried powders are crushed and broken in appearance.