Quality CPT Super Herbs

About Us

We are a partner company of Thai Freeze Dry, a forward thinking company known of its honest work ethic and a quest for the highest quality herbal products that can be created without cutting corners. We promote healthy agriculture and maintain strong connections with local farmers and the Universities of Chiang Mai.

Over the last several years, the public demand has multiplied for organically grown, non-GMO, non –synthetic nano particle foods and supplements. Public consciousness, backed by modern science, now recognizes that we simply need to get back to nature to prevent disease, illness, and lead happier lives.

Why Everybody Loves CPT Super Herbs

Higher Bioactivity

CPT processing is so gentle that it preserves the actual, undamaged plant cells inside the herb. As a result, the herb retains all bioactive ingredients present in a live growing plant. No other process delivers more effective results to the human body or retains as many healthful properties of living herbs.

Higher Purity

CPT processing is performed in a single step: the herb as a whole is placed inside the freeze dry apparatus and what comes out is a finished product. This limits the contact that the herb has with any processing surfaces, minimizing any risk of contamination and maximizing freshness.

Highest Bioavailability

Human body’s ability to digest plants evolved over millions of years. The more closely an herbal supplement resembles a plant the better it is metabolized. Minimal processing of our herbs and preservation of their internal structure means they are recognized as highly absorbable plant material and their healing properties are thus maximized. 

Highest Nutrition

Close to 100% of nutrients are preserved by CPT’s rapid freezing and by avoiding heat during processing. You get all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and essential oils that are naturally present in the herb so that it can work holistically inside your body.

Wild Crafted Organic Ingredients

Our certified organic herbs are harvested and sustainably gathered from a pristine natural environment of Northern Thailand’s jungle. They are processed without artificial ingredients and are additive free. 

Internationally Certified

Both our company and the local hill farmers we employ hold a number of internationally recognized certifications. We are FDA approved, Organic, GMP, and Halal certified, hold a USDA Food Facility registration, and a HACCP Food Safety certification. 

Popular Products

Amalaki Powder 60 Capsules

Amalaki is a powerful adaptogenic herb used in the Ayurvdic healing tradition. Loaded with vitamin C, it is an anti-aging and detoxifying herb that offers protection against cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline.

Anti Inflammation 250g Bottle

Chronic inflammation triggers and worsens many health conditions, including arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune conditions and heart disease. It results in pain and disability, poor quality of life and shortened lifespan. Our organic anti-inflammation formulation contains a powerhouse of organic superherbs that effectively stop the cycle of inflammation. It contains: mangosteen, sprouted black rice, papaya leaf and amalaki.

Weight Management 250g Bottle

Our organic weight management formulation was created to allow you to safely and painlessly manage your weight, while providing your body with antioxidants and nutrients that it needs. We included a synergistic blend of organic superherbs: Sprouted Black Rice, Matcha Green Tea, Sacha Inchi, Moringa and Jiaogulan. This product is intended to be used as a meal replacement.

black ginger

Black Ginger Organic 60 Capsules

Our organic black ginger is an antioxidant-rich adaptogen that is used to stimulate male sexual performance, and as a revitalizing and stimulating herb in general. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces triglycerides, preventing diabetes.

Blue Butterfly powder capsulesblue butterfly tea

Blue Butterfly Organic 60 Capsules

Blue butterfly has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antimicrobial effects. It enhances cognitive function including heightening intelligence and enhancing memory and offers protection against diabetes.

body balance 300 capsules

Body Balance 300 Capsules

Powerful balancing detox regimen combining antioxidants and adaptogens including amalaki, jiaogulan, mangosteen, noni, and moringa restore balance in the body and cleanse toxins.

Invest in your Health

Your health is your greatest asset. You want the best value for your money and our state-of-the-art CPT technology offers just that: the most potent, most bioavailable herbal products on the market, with the highest therapeutic value that money can buy. Our herbs are the best solution to your health needs and the ultimate path to improve your health while staying in harmony with nature.

Choose to make yourself a priority and take your health to the next level.