Immune System 2 (HB 21) 60 Capsules

Immune System 2 PPMAC Blend Capsules offers immune system support, preventative to cancers and other serious illnesses.



The five herbs included in our formulation are Papaya leaf, Plu Kow flower, Mangosteen rind, Amalaki fruit, Cordyceps (P.P.M.A.C.). Each of these ingredients functions in synergy with the others to produce an overall effect which can be dramatic.

When we address a biophysical challenge along different metabolic pathways that support one another we create synergy – a stronger effect than the sum of the parts. The biological mechanisms are simplified to make their most basic effects clear, but there are literally thousands of interacting agents at play in all cases.

The super-strong antioxidants provided by Mangosteen rind and Amalaki (Amla) fruit protect the apoptotic cells from attack by free radicals.

The high level of digestive enzymes in the Papaya leaves digest the fibrous protein coating that protects cancer cells from recognition and attack by your immune system.

Cordyceps provides polysaccharides that activate and potentiate your immune system, and Cordyceptin employs DNA fragmentation to prevent the cancer cells from replicating.

Potentiated Plu Kow is widely used in Asia but virtually unknown to the West and, like Cordyceps, demonstrates a variety of cancer fighting capabilities that include DNA fragmentation and immune system activation and support.

Prevent human suffering and embrace nature’s preventative powders which are inexpensive and in abundant supply right at this moment.

Dosage: To create layers of herbal defense for aggregate protection through daily use one to two capsules daily is recommended.

Great results have been achieved with 4-6 capsules daily.


Each 400 mg. capsule contains.

  • 30% Papaya leaf
  • 10% Potentiated Plu Kow Flower
  • 20% Mangosteen rind
  • 20% Amalaki fruit
  • 20% Cordyceps

Immune System 2 (HB 21) Brief (English)