Male Wellness – 60 capsule Bottle

Powerful fusion of organic ingredients including: cordyceps, black ginger, turmeric, amalaki and blue butterfly especially formulated for men’s health and wellbeing, focusing on energy, sexual stamina, circulatory, immune, and digestive systems as well as protection from arthritis and male-specific cancers.



Our organic Male Wellness herbal blend combines powerful superherbs to deliver dramatic improvements to male health and wellness with focus on energy, sexual stamina, circulatory, immune, and digestive systems as well as protection from arthritis and male-specific cancers.


  • Cordyceps is a well known rejuvenator.  It also provides kidney support, cardiac support, stimulates the immune system, prevents cancer cells from replicating, reduces anemia, and lowers blood pressure. Cordyceps was used for thousands of years by Asian physicians to improve physical (including sexual) stamina and performance in both men and women.
  • Black Ginger is a ginger variety with deep purple pigments (also found in blueberries, acai, Mangosteen rind etc.). It contains high levels of antioxidants and increases blood flow to the extremities.  This not only includes increased blood flow to the sexual organs strengthening libido, but also to the brain. This offers protection from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Turmeric and Black Pepper. Turmeric contains hundreds of chemical species including a variety of curcuminoids working together in synergy. If we isolate one or several curcuminoids we exclude others that contain essential oils that help make Turmeric easier for your body to absorb and metabolize. While Curcumin is the most notable and most important of the curcuminoids in turmeric its benefits are more effective if it is not isolated as a single extract.
  • Blue Butterfly Pea Vine. Aside from its many culinary uses, the blue butterfly pea vine has been used in Ayurvedic as well as traditional Asian and Middle Eastern medicine and its health benefits are increasingly supported by modern science.

Each of the super herbs in our formulation is incredible by itself, yet together, their effects are multiplied by the synergy between them.


  • SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION: Erectile dysfunction is often a result of restricted blood flow to the extremities. One cause of restricted blood flow is excess fibrin in the blood that “traps” the red blood cells preventing them from entering the capillaries. Cordyceps was routinely used to successfully treat erectile dysfunction prior to the introduction of Viagra. Cordyceps also helps to dilate the blood vessels which increases peripheral blood flow – another significant factor in erectile function. In addition, studies have shown that Cordyceps significantly increases production of testosterone which boosts sexual desire, sperm production and energetic performance.
  • ENERGY: Cordyceps increases energy levels, relieves fatigue, and speeds recovery from athletic activity.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects that make it suitable as a tool to manage arthritis, and prevention and management of most inflammatory conditions.
  • FREEZE DRIED: The organic herbs contained in this product are all pure and freeze dried for maximum efficacy, ensuring pharmacologically active properties are protected, and the product is easily digested. It has not been subjected to any heat during the drying process or any means of mechanical grinding. The freeze dry process offers vastly superior preservation of the active constituents of the herbs and superfoods, offering nutritional value comparable to that of the fresh plants.

This organic product carries a full Thai FDA approval and is produced locally in Thailand to a very high Export standard.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day after Breakfast or lunch

Ailments: impotence, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, immune system deficiencies, cancer, indigestion, poor circulation, chronic fatigue

Ingredients: organic cordyceps, organic black ginger, organic turmeric, organic amalaki, organic blue butterfly flower vegan capsule and nothing else

Black ginger – 140mg
Turmeric – 76mg
Cordyceps – 60mg
Amalaki – 60mg
Blue Butterfly Flower – 60mg
Black Pepper – 4mg

494mg per capsule

Male Wellness Brief (English)


Male Wellness Brief (Thai)